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Heritage Fire Security, is a global leader in the life safety industry. Our mission is to protect human life and the assets of the world’s best corporations by providing our customers with above excellent service.

Our company excels through product knowledge, being educated on all codes, competitive pricing, and constant training with our employees in order to take care of all of our clients’ needs.

Heritage takes pride in its employee’s and work force. Each team member is trained to become a subject matter expert in the industry in order to supply the best customer service for the team’s customers.

The word “Heritage” is often used to discuss a family's culture or birthright that has been passed down through generations.

Heritage Fire Security is a fourth generation company within the Rose Family with both Michael Rose JR. and his daughter Brittany and son Michael III dominating the industry.

Michael Rose JR. was taught by the world’s greatest trainers, his father and grandfather back in 1979. He has taken his knowledge that he learned from his own family and passed it down for generations to come.


Michael Rose, CEO of Academy Service Group and former CEO of Academy Fire Protection announced the launch of Heritage Fire Security. The new company will provide national fire protection services, utilizing the very latest in technology and cost-cutting measures.

“Our company will beat the competition by providing a better service, better understanding and better education to the clients,” said Rose, who will serve as chairman of Heritage Fire Security. “We have diversity and expertise to lower costs. It cannot be achieved by those that don’t understand the business.”

Rose added that the proper maintenance of fire protection equipment is crucial for all facilities.

“If the equipment isn’t being maintained properly, it may not work when needed,” he said.

Rose’s daughter, Brittany Rose, will serve as CEO of Heritage Fire Security, which is based in Hackensack, New Jersey. She represents the fourth generation of the Rose family to dedicate their professional life to fire protection services. She can be reached at

The new company will provide managed national fire protection installation and services

Originally published at Chain Store Age

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